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A Mother's Legacy 

The Hazel Walker Foundation was named in honor of Hazel Walker, the mother of Dr. Christopher Walker. Inspired by her strong Christian values and compassion for others, Dr. Walker created the nonprofit to help disadvantaged women get the quality healthcare they deserve...


supporting underserved minority women

Millions of women are medically disenfranchised with limited or no access to critical reproductive and sexual healthcare services. These women are often undocumented immigrants or victims of sex trafficking, assault, genital mutilation, or domestic violence. 

The organization is a legacy that will reflect Hazel Walker’s generosity and contributions to society. She was born in Hanover. Jamaica in 1930 and worked as an educator at a secretarial college. Hazel taught English and notetaking techniques like shorthand to students from the continent of Africa. She was a devoted Christian and spent most of her time volunteering and organizing fundraisers through the church. 

Hazel is now 92 years old and has been married to her husband Kenneth for more than 50 years. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, and feels blessed to have the support of a loving family, including her husband, son Christopher, and only sister Cynthia. 

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